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  • www.doctoranytime.mx is a website owned by JK MANAGEMENT LTS, a private company having its registered office at Cyprus, Kennedy Str 12-14, office 501, 1087 Limassol.
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  • Users shall ensure that any information provided in relation to their identity and personal data shall be genuine and accurate. Users are notified that the use of a false identity and the provision of false information may give rise to a civil claim or criminal prosecution.
  • Health care professional research service: As part of the democratisation of the health care access, and simultaneously to its paid services, DOCTORANYTIME also allows a referencing of other practitioners who did not subscribe to the booking appointment services. More specifically, DOCTORANYTIME provides to all users, freely and exclusively for the purpose of information, an information form dedicated to practitioners established in their region. The form summarizes the surname, name, specialty, the practice’s phone number and the address. The user who wishes to get in contact with the practitioner in question can contact him directly, without any intervention of the platform. Then, the practitioner does not have any financial or contractual obligation linked with DOCTORANYTIME. The website referencing is freely open to the whole health care professionals and professionals who work in the health sector. Therefore, the service does not allow the user to identify, in an exhaustive manner, all professionals who work in the health care sector.
  • The services provided by DOCTORANYTIME permit users to find a specialist doctor, to access the practice hours of registered doctors and to request an appointment at a doctor’s surgery for medical purposes (the “Services.”). Users are hereby notified that DOCTORANYTIME is not in any way designed to respond to medical, dental, surgical or any other kinds of emergencies. In the event of an emergency, DOCTORANYTIME recommends that users should call the emergency services. The Services offered by DOCTORANYTIME do not involve any further online advice, any remote medical consultation, or similar services. The Services are limited to the publication of the practice hours of participating doctors and to offering the option of setting up an appointment online.
  • Use of doctoranytime.mx is strictly reserved for adults who have attained the age of majority. Minors may not submit a request to a doctor via doctoranytime.mx, nor may they submit a request for a consultation via the account of an adult who possesses an account on doctoranytime.mx.
  • Personal data is processed strictly in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and is set out in the data privacy policy published on the doctoranytime.mx website.
  • doctoranytime.mx provides users, to the extent reasonably possible, with a high-quality service. DOCTORANYTIME shall not, in any event, be liable for any IT outages, nor for any cancellation of any appointment by doctors appearing on the website, nor for the rates charged by such doctors. Doctors who are registered with DOCTORANYTIME assume the sole and entire responsibility for management of their diaries and, more generally, for the use of the tools offered by DOCTORANYTIME.
  •  Users are notified that computer systems, including systems for transmitting communications, the computer systems used to host the internet portal or the computers of individual doctors, may be susceptible to defects and/or outages. DOCTORANYTIME shall use reasonable endeavours to resolve IT outages to its systems as quickly as possible, but DOCTORANYTIME shall not, in any event, be held liable for any outage affecting the Services or for any defect or failure of any nature whatsoever. Users hereby agree to waive any claim against doctoranytime.mx due to any technical failure that may occur during the use of the Services as offered. Moreover, Users shall not be entitled to refuse payment or claim any compensation due to any systems failure or failure of any computer equipment.
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  • In the event that any clause of these general terms and conditions is or is found to be void for any reason whatsoever, the other clauses of these general terms and conditions shall remain in full force and effect.
  • In the event of any questions, DOCTORANYTIME may be contacted by e-mail at the following e-mail address: [email protected]